Track Info





HOT LAPS AT 7:00 – RACES AT 7:30



2. Heats and features are on a 15 minute time limit. After 5 yellows in a
feature – we will go green/white/checkered.

to race/hot lap in shorts & t-shirts. Racing helmets are MANDATORY in all classes and
should have a “SNELL” rating of at least 95. Neck braces and window nets (or arm
restraints) are MANDATORY in all classes. Fire resistant gloves and shoes are
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. These safety precautions benefit YOU!!

4. Only towing vehicle, trailer and racecar are allowed in pits. Any exception,
the vehicle must buy a pit pass. Track insurance does not cover any damage done to any
vehicle in the pit area.

5. Cars should be painted in a professional manner with the number painted in a
contrasting color on BOTH sides and TOP of car, large enough for scorer to distinguish
ONLY. If you do not register a number, or you run a number assigned to somebody else,
you lose your right to protest the scoring of a race. Having your own number benefits
YOU, not the track!

6. If needed, cars must pack the track. Track packing starts at 6:30. If you do not
pack with your class, you will not receive packing points and you will run tailback in
your heat. Cars that do not pack will not receive passing points if applicable. You have 3
minutes to get on the track once your class is called. You must stay on the track until
motioned off in order to receive your 50 packing points. If you are having trouble with
your car, please tell the tech person in order for you to retain your starting spot in the
heat. You will not receive packing points. If you are late, NO points but you will retain
your starting spot in heat.

7. Track officials are not allowed to draw for any reason. Line-ups will be made
after the draw has closed. Car must be at track in order to draw. If you have not drawn,
you will run tailback (no passing points). If you wish to run tailback, please tell the
officials at the draw. IF one car does not make the line-up, all cars behind that car will
move straight forward, except where point averages/passing points apply (the line-up will
crisscross). If 2 or more cars in the same line do not make the line-up (or crash on the
first lap), the cars will be crisscrossed.

8. POINTS GO TO THE DRIVER. Points are earned by packing the track,
paying positions in the heats and by taking the green in the “B” feature and “A” feature.
If you miss 3 consecutive point nights, you lose all your accumulated points. Every night
is a track point night unless otherwise noted.

9. All cars MUST qualify through heats (or “B” features) for the “A” feature.
The first heat determines the inside row and the second heat determines the outside row,
except where passing points/point averages apply. “B” feature race transfers line up at
the back of the “A”.If you break in hot laps and able to get car fixed by
the “A”, you will be allowed to run AS LONG AS there are less than 20 cars in the “A”.

10. Race line-ups will be posted at the crow’s nest (by the scales) and at the back
pit concession stand. It is the driver’s responsibility to know their position. All races
will be aligned in the pit area. Drivers will be called to line up in the designated area.
Cars are to be in the correct line up and ready to start the race before entering the track.
If you miss the line up, you will run tailback. If you pass the pace vehicle, you will go
tailback. No hot laps between races.

11. When the front row of cars reach the orange cone (in turn 4), the start will be
official upon the flagman signaling with the green flag. The pole car will set the pace,
which shall be consistent with track conditions and as required to keep the field in NOSE
TO TAIL FORMATION. If you are out of line, the yellow flag will wave and you will
be put on the rear. The race is officially over when the checkered flag is thrown.
The only flag to follow the white is the checkered, unless the track is completely
blocked and/or in case of fire. In this case, the race will be paid from the last completed
lap. If the leader has taken the white flag and has a clear path to the checkered, the
checkered will be thrown. If not, a yellow will be thrown and cars lined up (minus the
cars in the yellow) and we will go green/white/checkered. If a yellow has to be thrown
during this restart, the race will be over and paid from the last completed lap (minus the
cars in the yellow/red).

12. The pole car should start the race at a reasonable speed. Do not keep the pace
so slow that the cars behind are “bogged” down. Flagman may signal car to pick up
speed. If this signal is ignored, flagman may put that car on the rear. This includes
single file restarts. It is up to the front row to set an even pace so that the race is started
evenly. If this cannot be done in 2 attempts, one or both cars will go to the rear.

13. On a restart, all cars return to their original starting position EXCEPT the cars
that the yellow/red was thrown for. Those cars GO TO THE REAR. On the first lap, all
cars must come through the green in order for the lap to be complete, except for those
cars for which the yellow/red was thrown. After that, when the first 2 cars come through
the green and a yellow/red is thrown, the lap is complete. The rest of the lap will be
filled in from the last completed lap, with exception to the cars involved in the
yellow/red. WE DO NOT RACE TO THE YELLOW OR RED FLAG. The scorers
count laps from the press box, using the pole at the flag stand as the finish line.

light on at the same time means it is an “open” red ~ your pit crew is allowed on the
track. If only the red is on, it is a “closed” red and NO ONE is allowed on the track.

A yellow and red light on together is the signal for a complete restart in double
file order. On single file restarts, a cone will be used on the back straight. Stay to the
right of the cone. If you run over the cord or cone, you will be put to the rear. The race
will be started when the leader reaches the cone (you may pick up speed coming out of
turn 2). Cars need to be in nose to tail formation and if you pass cars before you reach
the cone, a yellow will be thrown and you will go to the rear or you will be penalized at
the end of the race for “jumping” cars. A cone is also placed on the front straight for cars
to get single file. If you do not get in single file formation and/or go under the cone, you
will be put to the rear of the field. Lapped cars will be put to the rear of the field.  Cars on the lead lap that cause a yellow/red will be aligned in front of lapped cars.  A lapped car is defined as a car that is not on
the same lap as the lead cars. Scoring is based on how many laps you have completed. If
2 cars are down the same amount of laps, but 1 car takes the checkered and the other
doesn’t, the car that took the checkered will be paid ahead of the car that didn’t.

14. If you are charged with a yellow/red, you will go to the rear of the field,
regardless whether you made contact or stopped on the track (refer to rule #1). Arguing
will get you sent off the track. If you are charged with 2 UNASSISTED yellows, you
will be sent off the track. If a yellow is thrown for debris and it is yours, you will be
charged with an unassisted yellow. Sprint cars ~ if you require a 2nd push to be started ~
you will be charged with a yellow.

15. You have 2 laps to get into correct spot after being shown by officials. If you
can not do that, you will be black flagged.

16. Intentional yellows will get you sent off the track (examples including but not
limited to: flats, sitting in infield then pulling out on track and stopping, stopping on
track then after yellow being thrown driving to pit area).

17. Any car leaving the track under yellow/red will go to rear of restart. Cars
will be aligned according to the way they come back to the track. Minor adjustments can
be made to a car under red. No pit crews allowed on track under yellow. Driver must
stay in car unless told otherwise. If driver gets out of car, his/her race is over.

18. BLACK FLAG APPLIES TO ALL CLASSES. Not seeing flag is no
excuse. The black flag will be given to any car causing 2 yellows, not at “racing’ speed,
dragging loose parts, flats on right side, excessive smoking or rough driving. (Again,
refer to rule #1). If you ignore the black flag, we will ignore you at the pay window and
when doing points.

19. Protests must go through pit steward. Protest must be done within 5 minutes
of end of race. Only driver is allowed to protest.

includes emails and phone calls and social media. Any unauthorized person (this includes wives, kids,
sponsors, girlfriends, boyfriends, pit crews, etc…) entering the press box or flag stand,
will get their driver suspended for a minimum of 2 weeks. Any unsportsmanlike
conduct will get the driver at least a 2 week suspension in all classes you participate in.. The police officers will enforce
the rules and regulations of I-30 Speedway in addition to the County, State and Federal
laws. Flipping off the flagman/crowd is an automatic 3 week suspension ~ this will be
strictly enforced. Excessive speeding or other inappropriate displays in the pit area will
cause the driver to be suspended. This includes racecars and 4-wheelers.

FIGHTING: If you go to another driver’s pit/car to argue/fight, you are the one
who is considered wrong and you will be subject to penalties.
If you are suspended or disqualified twice in one season, you will lose all accumulated points. If
you are suspended or disqualified in the last 4 weeks of racing, you will lose all accumulated points.
If you are suspended, you will not be able to race on the next point nights for your
class. Rainouts do not count toward your suspension.  If you are disqualified for any reason during the last 2 weeks of points racing, you will lose all accumulated points.

20. COURTESY RULE: Any car from another track with MINOR rule
infractions will be allowed to race one night. However, you will be notified of any
necessary changes and will have to be legal to I-30 Speedway rules on your next visit.
The courtesy rules DOES NOT apply to mufflers, engine size, tires, or weight.

21. If a car cuts through the infield “wide open”, it will be counted as one lap
down. Stirring up dust is considered “wide open”.

22. NO alcoholic beverages of any kind are allowed in pit area.

23. Unless you have received a handwritten (signed by management), notarized
invitation to watch the races from the infield, STAY OUT!!

24. A drivers meeting will be called when deemed necessary. When one is
called, any driver not attending forfeits any protest or discussion rights for the night.

25. Any driver changes that occur after the line-up is posted must start on the rear
of the heat race. Any driver changes after the heat race, driver must start on the rear of
the “B” or “A”. A driver who had qualified for the “A” feature may change cars, but a
driver who is not qualified for the “A” feature cannot race a car that is qualified for the
feature. For any changes, you must notify track officials. If you fail to do so, you forfeit
money and points earned for the night. NO driver changes after the green has been given
in a race.

you have not signed this form and are injured, you are not covered by track insurance. It
is your responsibility to read the form. Any personal property taken into the pit area is at
the owners’ risk and is NOT covered by track insurance.

28. Anyone sustaining injury must report the injury to the front ticket office by
the end of the race night. Reporting the injury at a later date may void benefits. The
track does not pay for ambulance rides. Do not assume that police officers or track
officials will report the injury for you. Injuries sustained from fighting are NOT covered
by track insurance.

29. Anyone under 18 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian sign a
“MINOR RELEASE FORM” in order to enter the pit area.


31. All cars in which weight, cubic inches, tires, carburetor or inspection rules
apply, plus any car questioned and the driver notified, must go straight to the inspection
and weigh station without stopping at their pit or elsewhere. Failure to do so will result
in disqualification and loss of points and money. Upon inspection, if the car is declared
illegal, all points and monies earned for the night will be forfeited. I-30 Speedway
reserves the right to inspect any car at any time! Courtesy rule does not apply. If you
weigh and are light, you will be DQ’D (no matter where you finished). ALL CLASSES:

32. Harassment of any track official will not be tolerated. Such action will result
in suspension. When a car is being teched, no one from another car is allowed in tech

33. Special events may be governed by different rules. If so, amendments will be
given on flyers and/or at the drivers meeting.  You must run at least 90% of our races to be eligible for points fund money.

34. The management of I-30 Speedway reserves the right to change the race
program or rules at any time to improve the racing program. Any point or rule not
covered herein shall be decided by management at the necessary time and shall be final.

35. No more saving spots in the pit area ~ first come, first serve.
Car count determines how many heats will be run.
Up to 12 cars – 1 heat
13 – 20 cars – 2 heats
21 – 30 cars – 3 heats
31 – 40 cars – 4 heats
20 cars start the “A” feature.

The pay window is at the front gate. It is your responsibility to collect your pay. We do
not mail your pay to you (we pay cash). It is your responsibility to fill out a driver
information sheet. You will not be paid until you do.

The mailing address for the track is:
2900 Old Jacksonville Highway ~ North Little Rock, AR 72117

For rules regarding the Sprint Cars ~ go to

For rules regarding the IMCA Modifieds go to

For rules regarding Mini-Sprints go to and click on the ascs2 icon.  Exceptions to their rules:  We are keeping our "old" wing rule (14 sq ft) and our weight rules is 780lbs.

  1. 79
  2. 76
  3. 73
  4. 70
  5. 67
  6. 64
  7. 61
  8. 58
  9. 55
10. 52
11. 49
12. 46
13. 43
14. 40
15. 37
16. 34
17. 31
18. 28
19. 25
20. 22

Heat Race Points are 3 - 2 - 1 (1st, 2nd and 3rd)

"B" Feature Points are 5 for transfer spots then 20 - 19 - 18 - 17 - 16 - 15 - 14 - 13 - 12 - 11 - 10


1. FRAME: Any year model American made full framed car or truck. Camaro, Mustang & Thunderbird unibody cars are also allowed. No front wheel drive vehicles. Wheelbase must match the factory spec for that frame (1/2 inch tolerance). Unibody cars must be tied together. No alterations to the frame are allowed other than bracing.

2. ROLL CAGE: All tubing shall be at least 1.5 inch OD tubing of at least .095 wall thickness. The cage shall be an "A" shaped affair with bars running from the upper right corner to the lower left corner and just the opposite on the other side, forming an "X" as viewed from front to rear. There must also be a cross bar on top of "A" and 4 bars down the side & around the top to complete the cage around the driver. Minimum three door bars, both sides, parallel to ground, and perpendicular to dirver. Minimum four uprights tied from frame to top door bar on driver side, and minimum three uprights on passenger side. Steel door plates, 18 gauge or 0.049 inch minimum thickness, must be securely welded to outside of door bars on driver's side. Plate must cover area from top door bar to rocker panel and from rear down post to 5 inches in front of seat. Must be visible for inspection.

3. BODY: Bodies must have a factory production appearance & may be made of sheet metal or aluminum. Any body style is acceptable as long as it is GM to GM, Ford to Ford, Dodge to Dodge. EXAMPLE: 1955 Chevy body on 1980 Cutlass frame is OK. Hoods & trunk lids must be pinned down. Front & rear inner fender wells may be removed. Trunk floorpan may be cut out up to pionon of the rear end. Plastic nosepiece and tailpiece allowed, recommended to match body. No wedge or late model noses allowed. No side skirts. All glass must be removed, all windows in body must remain open. A maximum 7 inch metal sun visor allowed across top of windshield opening. Alll doors must be securely fastened. No raised quarter panels. Fenders and quarter panels may be trimmed for tire clearance. Back of body must be enclosed from fender to fender. Deck height not to exceed 40 inches measured at the rear. Rear spoiler must not exceed 6 inches in height & only 2 end braces are allowed not to exceed 6 inches in length. Spoiler may not be wider than trunk lid.

4. BUMPERS/RUB RAILS: Bumpers not covered by plastic nose or tail piece must be complete, unaltered OEM, welded or bolted to steel bumper mounts. Fabricated tubular bumpers (front and rear) are allowed as long as the front bumpers are covered by a plastic nose. All bumpers must have rounded edges. Main bumper bar must be minimum 1/5 inch O.D. (maximum 2 inch) with 0.083 inch (maximum 0.125 inch) wall thickness. Must run inner rub rail mounted flush to body. No sharp edges allowed on bumpers, rub rails or bolts. No bars past outside edge of body other than rub rails. ALL CARS MUST HAVE TOW LOOPS SECURELY FASTENED TO FRONT & REAR BUMPERS. IF NO LOOPS ARE PRESENT, YOUR CAR WILL BE PUSHED TO INFIELD & LEFT FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE NIGHT (unless bumpers are ripped off in an accident).

5. DRIVERS COMPARTMENT: Minimum of 3 1/4 inch windshield bars in front of driver. All flammable material must be removed (carpet, headliner, plastics, etc...). Gauges may be removed. Aluminim high-back or containment type of seat and must be bolted in. Driver seat may be no further back than rear edge of B-pillar. SFI approved saftey harness is mandatory. Neck brace and window net or arm restraints also mandatory. Quick release steering wheel is OK. Kill switch required within easy reach of driver and must be clearly maked "OFF" and "ON". Driver must be sealed off from track, driveline, engine and fuel cell. Dash not to extend more than 24 inches back from center of lower windshield opening. Dash must be flat, rear can be no higher than front, except for cowl in front of driver. No other interior tin or covers. Front firewall may be reworked to allow engine clearance. Must be repaired with steel of at least same thickness as OEM. Inside rear quarters panels, below window level, may be cut out. Doors may be gutted. All OEM holes in firewalls and floor must be covered with metal or aluminum. Rear firewall and speaker deck must be metal and be of OEM design for that make and model. No mirrors of any kind.

6. FUEL CELL: Racing fuel cells are mandatory. 32 gallon maximum. Fuel cell must be securely fastened in trunk above level of OEM truck floor, behind rear tires, with minimum two solid steel straps around entire cell, 2 inches wide and .125 inch thick. No fuel cells allowed over rear end housing.

7. FRONT SUSPENSION: All mounts must be in stock locations. Steel body racing shocks & springs are allowed. No coilovers. Shocks must mount in stock locations. No heim end shocks. Adjustable/Cheater weight jacks are allowed. OEM upper A-frame may be replaced using aftermarket upper A-frame (steel or aluminum cross shaft allowed), bolt on spindle savers allowed.

8. REAR SUSPENSION: Racing shocks & springs are allowed. No coilovers. Screw type weight jacks are allowed. All components and mounts must be steel, unaltered OEM or OEM replacement, in OEM location and match frame. OEM rubber control arm bushings only. Center of rear lower control arm bolt hole must be 2.25 - 2.50 inches from botton of housing. No independent rear suspensions. No sway bars, panhard bars, spring spacers, extensions, chains or cables. No suspension stops of any kind allowed. Leaf spring type cars & trucks are allowed to mount coil spring "helpers" on top of the axle tubes (1 per side).

9. REAR END: 9" Ford housing highly recommended. GM rear end must have axle retention. Grand National rear ends are allowed. All rear ends must be locked. No gold tracs or any other form of traction control devices allowed.

10. BRAKES: Must have at least 3 wheel brakes. Aftermarket pedal assembly's allowed as long as brakes are not adjustable. Brake shutoff valve must be in engine compartment, no front to rear shutoff allowed. No brake bias gauges are allowed and brake lines must remain visible.

11. WHEELS/TIRES: 8 inch maximum width steel racing wheels only. Beadlock wheels allowed on right side only. Metal, plastic or foam mud plug/covers are allowed on all wheels.. No plastic or aluminum wheels. 5/8 wheels studs mandatory. Hoosier G60-15 IMCA stamped modified pulloff or any Hoosier asphalt pulloff allowed. NO AMERICAN RACER TIRES ALLOWED AFTER APRIL 25, 2015.Tires must durometer at least 50 at any time. Grooving and siping allowed. No softening or chemically treating tires. Sidewall markings must remain visible.

12. WEIGHT: All cars must weight 3200lbs after race with driver. All extra weight must be bolted to frame outside of the drivers compartment and must be painted white and be clearly marked with car number.

13. BATTERY/STARTER: One 12 volt passenger car battery only, must be securely mounted between and above frame rails, and positive terminal must be covered. Battery must be in marine type case if mounted in driver compartment. Starter must bolt in OEM location. Car must have capability of starting without being pushed or pulled. Car must leave initial staging area on demand, unaided, or go to rear of that race.

14. ENGINE: Engine must be stock production factory blocks only. No 90 or newer roller cam blocks. No bowtie or aluminum blocks. Casting numbers must be readable by tech official. No 400 blocks. Engine set back to the #1 plug even with upper ball joint. Flat top or dished pistons only. Maximum cubic inch displacement to include clearance and wear is 370 for GM, Ford & Mopar. Electric cooling fan is ok.

15. REV LIMITER/DISTRIBUTOR: Soft touch rev limiter is mandatory set at 6400 RPM. EFFECTIVE MAY 7, 2016 - ONLY THE 8727CT IS LEGAL MSD part # 8728 can be run unitl then. Must be mounted on the upper portion of the firewall in the engine compartment on the passender side. All wiring must be exposed, zip ties are OK, no wiring looms. Wires must be easily traceable. There will be zero tolerance in regards to the wiring of these modules. At tracks discretion, your box may be confiscated for testing, at which time you will be issued a replacement. Also, at tracks discretion, the top 5 may be required to swap boxes. Any cheating of these boxes will result in a 1 year ban from I-30 Speedway. Factory stock or aftermarket HEI style distributors. No remote coils on GM cars. No onboard electronic devices capable of storing information allowed. No aftermarket electronic amplyfying devices allowed. No traction control devices of any kind. Tachometers only.

16. INTAKE: Unaltered cast iron intake or cast iron marine intake or approved unaltered aftermarket dual plane aluminum intakes allowed. If it is not one of these numbers, intakes must be approved prior to racing at I-30 Speedway. No porting or gasket matching or acid dipping allowed. No Brezenski intakes or heads allowed. Plenum webbing cannot be removed on any intakes. No grinding intakes. Intakes may NOT be reworked under the carb area. THE FOLLOWING INTAKES ARE ALLOWED:

WEIAND: GM: 8016, 8024, 8121, 8126, 8150, 8151

FORD: 8020, 8023, 8124

MOPAR: 8007, 8022


EDELBROCK: GM 2101, 2104, 2116, 2701, 2716

FORD: 2121, 2181, 3721

MOPAR: 2176


HOLLEY: GM 300-28, 300-48

17. CARBURETOR: 4412 Holley 2 barrel or Barry Grant/Demon 2 barrel allowed. 500 CFM. Bottom throttle plate hole 1 11/16". Carb spacer no taller than 1 1/2 allowed. Pump, racing or aviation gas only. NO nitrous oxide allowed.

18. HEADS: Cyliner heads must be stock OEM (Vortec OK) or Stock Replacement (see list below). No Bowtie performance heads. Casting numbers or engraved markings must be readable by tech official. 2.02 -1.60 valves are the largest size allwoed in OEM heads. No titanium components allowed. S/R heads may not be altered in any way and must remain as produced, seat angles & valve sizes cannot be changed. Aftermarket valve springs are OK not to exceed 1.50 inch OD, no "beehive" type springs. OEM or roller rockers allowed. Screw in studs OK not to exceed 7/16". Polylocks are OK. Stud girdles OK. No porting, polishing or removal of any casting in valve pocket area. No aluminum or angle plug heads.


GM: Engine Quest: CH350C, CH350i

Renegade: 21959B, 21968B

World Product: Casting #'s 043600, 043610

Summit: 151124, 152123


FORD: Renegade: 21960B


CHRYSLER: Engine Quest: CH318B

19. CAMSHAFT: No roller cams or lifters allowed. Hydraulic or solid lift cams only.

20. HEADERS: Headers are legal. Must have mufflers securely fastened.

21. TRANSMISSION: Automatic transmissions must be stock or TCI transmissions. Must have working torque converter, no direct drive with "dummy" converters. Standard transmissions must be 3 or 4 speed OEM. OEM style clutch & pressure plates. No triple disc or "mini" clutches. Aftermarket steel flywheels are OK. Direct drives & lightening of transmissions allowed. No Bert, Brinn or Falcon transmission allowed. Must have 360 degree explosion proof bell housing. Driver must be able to put car in gear from park/neutral and move forward and reverse at time of inspection. Must have driveshaft loop. Driveshaft must be painted white.

22. CLAIM/TEARDOWN: $550 cash and swap. $50 goes to wrecker for pulling engines. Driver claiming must have raced in the Super Stock class the previous 2 feature events. Claimed items include: Block, ratating assembly, camshaft, heads, balancer & timing cover. Anyone wishing to make a claim must have finished the feature on the lead lap on the night of the claim. Only top 4 cars may be claimed. To claim, you must go to the infield and hand the cash to the officials withing the 5 minute protest period. If you leave the track, the claim is void. If you refuse to wap, or refuse the teardown, you lose all mopney won that night and all accumulated points. Second refusal, same applies plus a 3 week suspension. Track owner may claim ANY engine as long as claim is made within 5 minute protest period. No driver may claim more than 1 engine during the season. Claimed engine will be marked and msut be run upon return to I-30 Speedway. If "marked" engine is not run upon first visit back to I-30 Speedway, you will not be able to run until "marked" engine is placed in car. There is a $125 teardown rule on each: pistons, cams, lifters, rockers, porting of heads and intake, flywheels/clutch, driveline. Driver only may protest. $25 of the money goes into the driver's point fund.


Mini Stock 4 Cylinder Rules

1. Wheel well may be enlarged to clear tires.
2. Doors may be gutted to add door bars. Must have 4 driver side bars & 3 passenger side bars.
3. Full stock (stock appearing) floor pan back past the rear end. Patching or Plugging may be Steel or Aluminum. NO TUBE CHASSIS ALLOWED.
4. FULL STOCK (stock appearing) steel fire wall in stock location.
5. ALL body panels must be represented with a reasonable stock appearance. May use Steel or aluminum.
6. All spoilers must lower than 6" in height as measured from the deckled and cannot exceed the length of the deck.
7. Rub rails "flush" against door panels only ok.
8. NO changing of frames from 0" in front of the "A" frame to back of rear spring.
9. You must have a shield to completely separate the driver from the radiator, radiator must remain in the engine compartment.
10. CARBURETOR AND INTAKE: 4412 Holley 2 barrel or stock factory carbs. 2-barrel only. Bottom of carburetor can be no larger than 1 11/16" diameter. Must be stock Ventura 1 3/8". Gas tank MUST be in a steel container in the trunk of the car. Fuel cell Mandatory. Pump gas or racing fuel only. No alcohol or Nitro or oxidizers of any kind. NO AFTERMARKET INTAKES, Stock intake only. The only alterations that can be made to the intake must occur directly under the carburetor to allow for after market carburetor. (I.E. 4412 Holly, etc.) STAY OUT OF THE RUNNERS. Two inch spacer/adapter is allowed.
11. Battery MUST be in the rear of the car separated from the driver and COMPLETELY SECURED.
12. Door must be welded or bolted shut.
13. MOTORS: Stock block and stock heads. NO Turbos, No stroked or de-stroked short blocks allowed. Stock crankshafts only (balancing allowed). NO lightened, knife edged, etc. cranks. Ford to Ford, Chevy to Chevy, and so on. Any stock length steel rod allowed. Any pulleys allowed. Motor must be in stock location no moving it back. FLAT TOP or DISHED PISTONS ONLY Front wheel drive cars with any or all twin cams, multi valves per cylinder or fuel injection will be allowed to compete provided that all engine and computer controlled components are completely factory stock. No Rear wheel drive with the Previously mentioned items allowed. Head may be shaved any competition valve job is allowed. All angles must be concentric to the valve guide. Any stock diameter steel valve is allowed. Stock means Stock head and stem for the head in question. No aftermarket roller lifters or cam followers allowed. NO gasket matching or porting of any kind allowed in the heads and or intake other than what has been described. Must have 1" inspection plug in oil pan for crankshaft inspection. Must be located with access for tech official.
14. TRANSMISSIONS - Factory stock automatic with stock factory torque converters. NO lockup converters allowed. Factory stock standard with all gears functioned including reverse. Any flywheel Any Safe clutch, pressure plate!! . NO ram couplers
15. HEADERS—any header is allowed.
16. Wheelbase must be factory stock.
17. Wheels may not exceed 8"and must be steel ! - grooving punch 55 or higher! . No more than 9" of tread width! BEADLOCK WHEELS ALLOWED ON RIGHT REAR ONLY.—-1 INCH LUG NUTS MANDATORY.
18. NO four wheel drives or engines in rear allowed.
19. SPRINGS - Spring may be aftermarket. No wedge bolts or spring adjusters allowed. MAY USE SPRING SPACERS. Rear leaf spring cars are allowed lowering/lift blocks and multi whole shackles. NO sliders or adjustable lowering blocks allowed.
20. CAMSHAFT: must use unaltered oem hydraulic lifters only hydraulic cams allowed. NO solid lift cams allowed unless it came stock in that year of car. Solid lift cams may not exceed .470 lift and will be measured as follows, Ford cam lobe, base circle, x 1.66 rocker ratio. Toyota cam lobe base circle x 1.55 rocker ratio.
21. SHOCKS - Must be stock. NO racing shocks. Must mount in stock position.
22. MUST HAVE RACING SEAT & SEAT BELTS. Seat & belts must be fastened to roll cage.
23. Rear body panel must be enclosed from deck lid to rear bumper

PROTESTING- A complete motor tear down to inspect all components including the rods and crankshaft (lowerend) head and related components, Bore and stroke will cost $250. A partial motor teardown (head and related componts,Bore and stroke will cost $125 . A complete inspection of the chassis and related components will cost $125. THE DRIVER PROTESTING MUST HAVE PARTICPATED IN TWO PREVIOUS RACES AT THE TRACK, MUST HAVE FINISHED IN THE TOP FIVE AND CAN ONLY PROTEST A FINSHING POSITION AHEAD OF HIS/HER OWN. THE DRIVER GETTING PROTESTED HAS 5 MIN TO PROTEST DRIVER PROTESTING HIM, IF HE/SHE WISHES . DRIVERS MUST HAVE THE $250/$125 IN THERE POSSESSION WHEN ENTERING TECH AREA!

25. Drive shaft must be painted white. Must have drive shaft loop.
26. Stock front ends and stock swing arms must be factory stock only.
27. Brakes may have 3 or 4 working brakes—No adjustable proportioning valves allowed. 28. Fuel pumps may be stock or electric. If you have an electric pump you must have a oil pressure shut- off switch.
29. Rear-end must be stock OEM type rear-end. Locked rear-end are allowed—-9 INCH OK ! NO TRACTION CONTROL OF ANY KIND.
30. May use a three quarters inch length shaft with quick release steering wheel. QUICK STEER O.K.

MOD-LIGHTS: for rules

Factory Stock Rules

!! Driver must stay in car unless on fire. Or - his/her night is over!!


1. Roll cages are required. No screw joint fittings allowed. The minimum requirement for all roll cages on all cars shall be an "A" shaped affair, constructed of at least 1 ½" OD pipe with bars running from the upper right corner to the lower left corner, and just the opposite on the other side, forming an "X" as viewed from front to rear. There must also be a cross bar on top of "A" and 4 bars down the side and 4 bars around the top to complete a caged affair around the driver. All roll bar pipes must be at least .095 in thickness. Must have 4 kidney bars on the driver side and 2 bars on the passenger side. MUST HAVE 4 BARS ON DRIVERS' SIDE. The driver and passenger door inner liner only may be altered as necessary to install bars in the door area. No further gutting allowed. Gussets required. Bars may be added to protect radiator and gas tank areas. Minimum of Three 1/4 inch bars in front of the driver required . 1/8" doorplate is mandatory.

2. Fuel cells, mounted inside cans, are MANDATORY . Fuel cells must be in stock location, can not be mounted above the rear end housing. 32 gallon maximum. Fuel cells must be securely installed with 2" wide by 1/8" steel straps. Pump or racing gas only. NO nitrous oxide or other enhancing chemicals allowed. NO ELECTRIC FUEL PUMPS.



4. Any year model American made car. No front wheel drives allowed.

5. Wheelbase must be production stock. 1" tolerance. No subcompact cars. Rack and pinion cars must have factory stock parts only. If chassis is altered or steering parts are not stock or stock replacement and in stock location's not legal. All unibody cars must be tied together. Must have a complete stock floor pan and firewall. Trunk area may be cut no further forward than the pinion of the rear end. Crossmember may be notched for fuel pump.

6. Complete body and frame for that year model. Body must look factory and be in stock position. Sheet metal or aluminum allowed. All doors must be secured to body. OEM Roofs. Fiberglass or sheet metal hoods allowed.. Hood  trunk must be pinned down. Spoiler allowed, may not exceed 6 inches in height, no wider than rear deck. 12" max length sides. Rear of body must be fully enclosed quarter panel to quarter panel. Must have a factory floor pan and firewall. Holes in firewall must be covered with metal or aluminum. Rear firewall must extend from bottom of rear window to bottom of floor pan. Trunk area may be cut no further forward than the pinion of the rear end, inner fender must attach to floor pan. Front/ Rear fenders may be trimmed for tire clearance. Frt. fender wells may be removed. Nose piece allowed.

Plastic may be used to conform the frt. fender to the nose. Must conform to body lines. NO excessive "flaring". Must be in full contact with the fender and can not extend outward past the fender and door body lines. Excessive flaring determined at the discretion of the Tech official.

7. Bumpers may be square or round tubing, minimum size 1 ½ inch round tubing on rear bumper. Bumper must not protrude past the car's body. Must have tow loops front and rear. Bumper mounts must be steel. Front and Rear tubular bumpers allowed, must be covered by plastic nose or tail piece and bent to fit with rounded ends. Bumpers not covered by plastic nose or tail piece must be the complete unaltered OEM bumper and capped to the fender. NO sharp edges on bumper or bolts.

8. All weights must be painted white with the car number on it and securely fastened with ½ inch bolts to eliminate injury and hazardous conditions. Failure to have the car's number on a weight or failure to have it securely fastened are grounds for disqualifications or position penalty at the discretion of the Tech official.

9. Enclosed interiors must have inspection panel. All glass, chrome and trim must be removed, including headlights and taillights. No rear view mirrors allowed. Factory gauges may be removed. May replace factory dash with aluminum. All flammable material must be removed.. Wiring harness may be removed and replaced. All window openings must remain factory size. A 5" plastic sun screen on front windshield area is allowed. Three ½" bars in front of the driver's window are mandatory. 1/8" thick doorplate is mandatory, door plate must go from the back of the cage to 5 inches in front of the seat. Bars may be added to protect gas tank and radiator areas.

10. Car Number must be clearly marked 24" height  3" stripe width min.. No Duck tape numbers or letters. Must be different color than that of racecar. If the scorers can't read it, you will not be scored.

11. Racing seat is MANDATORY ,(in stock location) and 5 point harness with crotch belt. Must have window net or arm restrains. Driver must have helmet w/Snell Rating of 95 or newer, neck brace, fire suit and fire resistant gloves  shoes. Must have fire extinguisher mounted within the reach of the driver. THESE ARE MANDATORY, NO COURTESY NIGHTS.

12. Quick release steering wheel and ¾" round steering shaft MANDATORY. Quick Steer Allowed. . NO stock columns.

13. Aftermarket clutch and brake pedals allowed The Adjuster can not be installed on dual master cylinders.

14. Must weigh 3200 lbs. after race with driver. Top 5 cars weigh after heat races.
Top 5 weigh ( PLUS 1 random selected from the field.) & last chance transfer spots will weigh after the "A" feature.


15. MUST HAVE 180 DEGREE EXPLOSION PROOF STEEL BELL HOUSING. (Inspection hole required if 360 degree)

16. ENGINE: must be stock production. Factory produced blocks only. NO 90 or newer roller cam blocks. GM to GM, Ford to Ford, Dodge to Dodge. NO 400 blocks. NO bowtie or aluminum blocks. Stock GM 3.48 stroke, 2.10 rod journal size on gm crankshafts. OEM replacement crank (stock 3.48 stroke and weight, 49lb. Min, OEM replacement only) allowed. Crankshafts may be turned .010,.020 or .030. STOCK GM or STOCK replacement, 5.7 length, thru-bolt I BEAM rods ONLY. PMF rods allowed. NO cap screw rods. NO H beam rods. Must have a 1 inch plug in the oil pan on the driver's side behind the motor mount for tech inspection. Casting numbers must be readable by tech official. Maximum cubic inch displacement to include clearance and wear is 360 for GM, 363 for Ford and 370 for Mopar. FLAT TOP or DISHED PISTONS ONLY. NO Domes.

17. Engine setback #1 plug allowed to be even or forward of upper ball joint.

18. INTAKE: Unaltered OEM cast iron or aluminum intake (Marine included) or unaltered aftermarket dual plane aluminum intake manufactured by: Weiand, Edelbrock ,Holley or Professional Products AND approved by track officials. NO porting or gasket matching of the intake or heads. NO acid dipping. Intake can NOT be worked/reworked under carburetor area. NO AIR GAP, Brezenski, Torque Link or cross ram types. Plenum divider must be even/flush across the top. Intakes are subject to Tech Officials decision.

19. EXHAUST: Manifolds or Headers allowed. No Tri-Y.


MAY RUN ROCHESTER or BARRY GRANT DEMON 2 BARREL (SUBJECT TO PASS INSPECTION). NO AEROSOL CARBS. ONE - 1 inch carb spacer allowed. Can not exceed 1 ½ inch total height, including gaskets.

21. IGNITION: OE Factory distributors ONLY. (GM = HEI), No MSD distributors, No remote coils on GM distributors. Battery may be relocated and must be securely mounted in a battery box/trey w/hold down. Recall Tachs allowed. No onboard electronic devices capable of storing information of any kind allowed. No electronic amplifying devices allowed.

22. CAMS: Hydraulic camshafts  lifters only - Max. 480 lift at the camshaft. Stamped steel style rocker arms only. (GM 1.5 ratio) NO roller rockers, NO roller tip rockers. NO flat tappet cams, NO mushroom cams. NO roller hydraulic cams. NO hydraulic roller lifters. If you have a doubt check with tech €“ before competing. Zero valve lash is required.

23. HEADS: STOCK cast OEM production, or unaltered summit racing part number SUM-152123 (SR) heads ONLY. Vortec OK. Maximum Valve size allowed is INT 2.02  EXT.1.60. Maximum 1.25"diameter valve springs ONLY (.015 tolerance). Guide plates allowed. Screw in studs allowed. Poly locks allowed. NO stud girdles. NO beehive valve springs allowed. NO aluminum heads. NO GM angle plug heads. NO BOW-TIE performance heads. NO angle milling the block or heads, NO Brezinski products. NO porting, NO polishing, NO acid dipping, or anything similar is NOT allowed. NO FORD GT 40 or Lightning. NO Mopar W-2. Casting number must be readable by tech official.

24. TRANSMISSION: Factory stock automatics or standard transmissions must have ALL working gears. A 10 ½ inch minimum steel/organic single OEM style disc-type clutch with a steel pressure plate and an unaltered STEEL flywheel are allowed *16 pound minimum flywheel weight. Aftermarket clutch pedal allowed. Stock type, 10" or larger, converter allowed. WORKING factory type torque converters required on all automatics and must contain no less than 3 quarts of fluid. Drivers must be able to put the car in gear from park / neutral and move forward and reverse at any time requested. Must have drive shaft loop 6 inches back from u-joint. Shaft  loop must be painted white. NO DUMMY converters. NO lighten transmissions. NO direct drive transmissions.


25. TIRES  WHEELS: Asphalt pull off tires only. NO recaps or dirt late model tires. Steel racing wheels only. Maximum width is 10". 5/8" wheel studs and 1" lug nuts MANDATORY. Bead-lock allowed on Right Rear ONLY. NO plastic or aluminum wheels. NO bleeder valves. Tires must durometer at 50, at anytime.

26. SPRINGS: Racing springs allowed on front and rear. Adjustable/Cheater weight jacks allowed on the front only. Rear springs must use stock upper spring pads in stock location. NO weight jacks or adjustable/cheaters on the rear. NO spring sliders.

27. SHOCKS: Unaltered non-adjustable, 1 piece steel racing shocks OEM-mounted style allowed. Shocks must mount in stock location on frt  rear. Only 1 shock per Wheel. The GM rear OEM shock location is 4 ½" from the bottom of the housing to the center of bolt hole and must be centered on the control arm bracket. NO external or internal bumpers /stops allowed. NO Bulb-type, threaded body, coil-over, air, or any remote reservoir shocks. NO Gas port, schrader valve or bladder type valves. NO coil-over eliminators. NO heim mounts. NO aluminum shocks. NO spring assisted shocks unless it came factory on that vehicle.

28. FRONT SUSPENSION: All components and mounts must be steel, unaltered OEM or STOCK OEM REPLACEMENT, in STOCK OEM location and match frame. OEM rubber or polyurethane A-frame bushings. .

STOCK OEM or OEM replacement ball joints allowed. No chains or cables. The upper A-frame mount must remain STOCK OEM and cannot be moved. Suspension stops of any kind are NOT allowed.

NOTE: Control arms must match frame, Metric on Metric, camaro on camaro, etc., and must be installed on the same/correct side has they were designed to be on and would have been installed on during correct factory production assembly. ONLY unaltered OEM control arms allowed. Any OEM replacement part that DOES NOT measure exactly the same as an original manufactured product (OE control arm / trailing arm) AT ANY POINT on it, is NOT allowed All control arms must mount on/in stock unaltered positions. NO Heim / johnny joints

29. REAR SUSPENSIONS: All components and mounts must be steel, unaltered, OEM and/or an unaltered OEM exact specification replacement part in OEM location and match frame. OEM rubber control arm bushings or polyurethane bushings allowed. The center of the rear lower control arm bolt hole must be 2.25 to 2.5 inches from bottom of housing. (½" tolerance). NO independent rear suspensions. NO sway bars, panhard bars, J-bars, spring spacers or rubbers, chains or cables. NO gold tracs or any form of traction devices allowed. Cars will be checked in tech.

NOTE: Trailing arms must match frame, Metric on Metric, etc,. ONLY unaltered OEM or STOCK OEM replacement trailing arms allowed. Any OEM replacement part that DOES NOT measure exactly the same as an original manufactured product AT ANY POINT on it, is NOT allowed. Trailing arms must mount on/in stock unaltered positions. NO Heim / johnny joints

30. BRAKES: 3 or 4 wheel brakes allowed. Brake shutoff, and/or valve, must be in the engine compartment. NO front to rear shutoff allowed.. NO brake bias gauges or adjuster allowed. Brake lines must be visible. NO traction control.

31. REAR END: 9" Ford rear end allowed, but must be mounted as an OEM rear end (centered) for that make and model. Grand National rear ends allowed. NO gun drilled axles. Torque dividing mini spools or differentials are NOT allowed. GM rear ends MUST have axle retention. All rear ends must be locked.

PROTESTING: THE TRACK reserves the right to protest any car/driver at anytime.


$425.00 - Complete Tear Down: Includes: Clutch,Upper engine and crank weight. * */ *

$200.00 - Upper engine protest. Heads / Bore / Stroke / Inspect for lightened crank **

$100.00 - Suspension/Shocks **

$125.00 - Transmission and/or clutch and flywheel / includes weight. **

** $50.00 ** of the protest money goes to the driver€™s point fund.

*25.00* of the protest money goes to the wrecker - if used to pull the engine.

$100.00 Claimer on each shock. May claim 1 to 4 shocks. Driver can only claim 1 set (4 shocks), or 4 individual shocks, per season.


(Cubic Inch./ Carburetor / Tires / Weight  Suspension)


1 800
2 400
3 200
4 100
5 95
6 90
7 85
8 80
9 75
10 70

ONLY CARS THAT COMPLETE 80% (80 LAPS) OR MORE OF THE FIRST 100 LAPS WILL HAVE A STARTING POSITION IN THE FINAL 100 LAPS. THE LINEUP FOR THE FIRST 100 LAPS WILL BE BY DRAW(YOUR CAR NUMBER WILL BE THE NUMBER DRAWN); THE LINEUP FOR THE FINAL 100 LAPS WILL BE THE FINISH ORDER OF THE FIRST 100 LAPS. Drivers and riders must have a valid driver’s license to race in this event. All drivers must turn in driver’s license to receive a scoring transponder. The driver’s license will be returned when the transponder is returned to the PAY WINDOW. Transponders will be used for scoring. YOU MUST CUT A HOLE IN THE FLOOR ON PASSENGER SIDE LOCATED NEAR BUT NOT UNDER THE SEAT WITH CLEAR VIEW OF THE GROUND. Width of hole 4” SIDE TO SIDE; Length of hole 4” FRONT TO REAR. (Square or round) Transponder WILL BE MOUNTED by a track official. Entry Fee of $50.00 per car Drivers and riders must also purchase pit passes. All riders must come with their driver to the registration table to sign release and pay $10 rider fee.

CAR & BODY: 1 Absolutely NO RACE CARS ALLOWED in this event. That would include any car running in any division at any race track in the past or present. This race is for strictly stock cars. 1…Any 1960 or newer 2-door or 4-door car is eligible. NO vans, NO convertibles, NO four wheel drives, NO jeep type vehicles. The only trucks allowed are ½ ton or smaller 2-door pickup trucks. Cars may be rear or front wheel drive. 4, 6 or 8 cylinder engines are ok. Minimum stock wheelbase allowed 102 inches for V-8, 88 inches for V-6 or 4 cylinder…NO TURBOS. 2…Roll cage optional but, recommended. Gutting of factory interior panels only allowed for roll cage clearance. EXAMPLE: you may remove the inner door bracing if you are replacing it with door bars. 3…No-bracing in the bumper areas. However, bumpers should be chained or cabled as a safety item to help retain the bumper. 4…All doors must be welded, chained, or bolted shut. 5...Windshield must be removed. Steel safety screen or bars on windshield opening optional but strongly recommended. Side and rear window glass must be removed. All mirrors must be removed. 6…Racing approved shoulder harness and lap belts are recommended. Racing seats allowed. 7…The rear seat shelf must be left in as a fire stop, and any openings to the trunk area must be enclosed. 8…Complete bumper to bumper steel uni-body must be retained. No lightening permitted. 9…The stock steel unaltered floor pan, firewalls, trunk and wheel wells must be retained. 10…Cars must retain their strictly stock appearance, no cutting chopping, channeling, or shortening allowed. Hoods must be kept in place at all times. The sound deadening/padding must be removed from under side of hood. Safety issue: You will be black flagged and required to go to the infield work area to resecure if hood comes up or comes off. 11…Gas tanks must be original and in stock mounting position. Rupture of your gas tank and/or loss of gas require immediate black flag. 12…Batteries may be relocated in a securely fastened covered plastic or rubber container. 13…All plastic grills must be removed or replaced with screen mesh. Headlights, tail lights, and their trim must be removed. All outer trim must be removed. 14…Mesh window nets are permitted, but must be removable. 15…No more than 2 people will be allowed in a 2 door vehicle and no more than 4 people will be allowed in a 4 door vehicle. Fee is $10 per rider. 16…Mandatory 1 (one) fire extinguisher per vehicle. If the vehicle is a 4 door and passengers are riding in the back, an additional fire extinguisher is mandatory for the back seat. The fire extinguisher must be mounted securely to the floor board!!!!
Car Numbers 1…The doors (front doors on 4 door vehicles) will be used to paint the car number which will be your pill draw number (your starting position). 2…Minimum number size 18 inches tall that you must paint with bright contrasting color. Bring your paint! (If number is not clearly readable from the scorer's tower, your car MAY NOT BE SCORED.)
SUSPENSION: 1…Suspension parts must remain absolutely stock for that make and model car. No spacers, lumber or chains, etc. may be used to alter stock suspension of that car.
Wheels 1…Stock steel or original equipment aluminum wheels only. Tires 1…D.O.T legal tires must pass through a 9" hoop at the bulge. (This will be enforced on all entries including pickup trucks) No Gumball tires, NO "DOT" stamped racing tires, NO truck tires, NO all terrain tires, NO mud tires, NO treated tires, NO GROOVING OR SIPING ALLOWED. 2...You will be allowed to change flat tires OR make repairs. This must be done in designated area in the infield. Vehicle CANNOT leave the track and return. All equipment (tire, wheel, jack, lug wrench, tools and supplies) must be in the vehicle at the beginning of the race and fastened securely in trunk or bed of the truck. NO GAS CONTAINERS ALLOWED. You must be able to complete the full race without adding any fuel. Anyone adding fuel will be disqualified. NO SUPPLIES OF ANY KIND CAN BE BROUGHT FROM OUTSIDE THE RACE TRACK FROM THE BEGINNING OF THE RACE TO THE COMPLETION OF 200 LAPS.
WEIGHT: 1…No additional weight may be added to the car.
ENGINE: 1…The engines must be strictly stock for that model and make and in its original mounts. NO aftermarket external oil coolers. 2…A/C and heat components may be removed. 3…Smog equipment may be removed. (allows removal of catalytic converters) 4. ..Air cleaner to oil pan must be all factory equipment! Original or stock replacement exhaust system. No aftermarket headers. MUFFLERS REQUIRED. NO STRAIGHT PIPES,
TRANSMISSION: 1…Stock transmission and rear end only. NO aftermarket external oil coolers. All transmission lines must be covered or run outside of driver area of car.
RADIATOR: 1...Only one radiator can be used. Radiator must remain in original position, no coolant or gas lines in the driver area of car. 2...NO ANTI-FREEEZE ALLOWED
MISCELLANEOUS: 1...No locked rears. 2...Full face helmet required. 3…If you go in the pit area outside the track during the event, you may NOT go back out on the track.
Starting Position Assignment 1…This will be determined by pill draw. The number you draw will be your car number that will be painted on the doors (front doors of 4 door vehicles).
NOTE: NO Radios or Push-To-Talk devices may be used to communicate with driver. There is NO practice for this event.

This class is designed to let anyone enjoy the thrill of racing, regardless of racing experience or knowledge. The idea of taking inexpensive cars, with minimal work, is key to the continued success of this class. It is not designed to be a demolition derby. Keeping it SAFE and SIMPLE is the goal.