Lair Claims Little Rock Loot; Takes $9,000 in 600 Nationals

Martin Best in Horizon Mini Sprints
Lonnie Wheatley, LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (March 13, 2010) – Jason Lair took the $9,000 winner’s share back to the Sooner State by racing to victory lane in I-30 Speedway’s Fourth Annual 600 Nationals presented by Hoosier Tires 40-lap championship main event on Saturday night.
The Del City, OK, racer outdueled Pennsylvania’s Heath Hehnly and Louisiana’s Dustin Gates in the early rounds and then held off Gates over the closing stages to become the third different winner of the prestigious Micro Sprint Car racing event atop the high-banked, -mile I-30 Speedway clay oval.
West Plains, Missouri’s Logan Martin also cracked victory lane during the night, earning $1,000 by topping the Third Annual Landers Harley-Davidson Horizon Mini Sprint 25-lap main event.
After running one-two in the Dash for Cash, preliminary feature winners Hehnly and Lair started the feature event side-by-side on the front row. 
Hehnly held a slight advantage at the outset with Lair and Gates both applying heavy pressure.  Lair eventually battled into the lead on the tenth round, with Gates matching him move for move.
Gates kept the pressure on throughout, even sliding ahead of Lair on several occasions.  Lair was up to the task however, keeping the No. 23T mount in front over the final rounds to take the checkered flag of Joe Clay, Jr., with Gates settling for runner-up honors.
While Lair and Gates battled up front, the battle for position in their wake was fierce throughout the entire 40-lapper.  By race’s end, tenth-starter Michael McNeil of Alvin, TX, had worked up to the show position, with Pennsylvania’s Jake Murphy and Texas’ Tyson Hall rounding out the top five.
Tom Kohler was sixth, with 14th-starter Kevin Bayer, Hehnly, Shane Lewis and 20th-starter Ryan Duke completing the top ten.  Tim Crawley earned Hard Charger honors by racing from 23rd to eleventh.
The race’s first caution flew after 18 laps when Darien Roberts spun into an infield tire, bringing an early end to his race.  A lap later, the yellow flag flew again when two-time 600 Nationals champion Travis Senter, Jr., and Michael Dicely got together in turn four while battling amongst the top five.  Senter exited to the pit area with battery woes, while Dicely returned from that spin only to be collected in a wild lap 28 frontstretch melee in which Austin Farley and Karlas Stephens both got upside down.  That incident also sent Christopher Meyer to the pit area with race-ending damage.
Jake Mosley was running a strong third and hounding the leaders when his mount lost power on the 23rd circuit.
In the Horizon Mini Sprint Main event, Logan Martin held off the race-long advances of Karley Kay Dobson to take the winner’s hardware.  While she slid past Martin a couple of times along the way, Dobson settled for runner-up honors at the stripe with Justin Peck, Nic Jenkins and Chance Morton rounding out the top five.
Fourth Annual 600 Nationals presented by Hoosier Tires Championship Finale Results:
Locked into Main Event Via Top Four Preliminary Feature Finish:
2h-Heath Hehnly (Manheim, PA), 23L-Jason Lair (Del City, OK), 73-Jake Mosley (Claremore, OK), 5k-Tom Kohler (Leesport, PA), 22T-Travis Senter, Jr., (Osceola, AR), 44-Michael Dicely (Lewisberry, PA), 6g-Dustin Gates (Haughton, LA), 5x-Tyson Hall (Longview, TX).
Heat Races
First Heat (10 Laps):  1. 18m-Jake Murphy (Enola, PA), 2. 19-Keith McIntyre (Saylorsburg, PA), 3. 84-Ben Rushing (Clarksville, TN), 4. 42-Tim Crawley (Benton, AR), 5. 8m-Kade Morton (Coweta, OK), 6. 39-Brian Nance (Mayfield, KY), 7. 22J-Josh Rehm (Conway, AR), 8. 23a-Dean Alexander (Visalia, CA), 9. 32n-Nick Ivy (Bryant, AR). DNS: 2T-Luke Thomas (Wyoming, DE).
Second Heat (10 Laps):  1. 3z-Brock Zearfoss (Jonestown, PA), 2. 80-Michael McNeil (Alvin, TX), 3. 55c-Donnie Ray Crawford (Broken Arrow, OK), 4. 83-Karlas Stephens (Benton, AR), 5. 77T-Todd Carmichael (Mooresville, NC), 6. 91-Kevin Bayer (Bixby, OK), 7. 43e-Dewayne Emberton (Clarksville, TN), 8. 74-Andy Farley (Brighton, CO), 9. 29s-Scott Sawyer (Broken Arrow, OK), 10. 1st-Dusty Young (Benton, AR).
Third Heat (10 Laps):  1. 22x-Ryan Smith (Kunkletown, PA), 2. 47a-Austin Farley (Brighton, CO), 3. 16F-Nate Fleming (Great Bend, KS), 4. 77r-Darien Roberts (Broken Arrow, OK), 5. 631-Phil Reed (Sherwood, AR), 6. 10e-Matt Ebarb (Bossier, LA), 7. 55x-Samuel LaMothe (Yardville, NJ), 8. 35-Justin Jackson (Benton, AR), 9. 28m-Todd McWilliams (Conway, AR), 10. 28-Jeff Willingham (Ripley, MS).
Fourth Heat (10 Laps):  1. 6x-Christopher Meyer (N. Little Rock, AR), 2. 52-Todd Kirkman (Kokomo, IN), 3. 7J-Jerrod Wilson (Tulsa, OK), 4. 55L-Shane Lewis (Honey Brook, PA), 5. 96s-Samantha Gargus (Memphis, TN), 6. 13x-Brian Roseman (Hickory, NC), 7. 78td-Sam Williams (Sugar Hill, GA), 8. 3b-Lyndon Bolt (Rapid City, SD), 9. 23m-David Manry (Scurry, TX).
Fifth Heat (10 Laps):  1. 70w-Michael Wickham (Ramona, OK), 2. 999-Brady Bacon (Broken Arrow, OK), 3. 60x-Chance Terrel (Oklahoma City, OK), 4. 9L-Ryan Langston (Greenfield, IN), 5. 13T-Tyler Courtney (Indianapolis, IN), 6. 43-Matthew Bauldwin (Little Rock, AR), 7. 99-Dalton Stevens (Scurry, TX), 8. 3-Cody Coggin (Maud, TX), 9. 70b-Tim Brothers (Little Rock, AR).
Sixth Heat (10 Laps):  1. 177-Kyle Cattanach (Mooresville, NC), 2. 10m-Eric Sandage (Cabot, AR), 3. 4k-Jake Hagopian (Fresno, CA), 4. 47v-Jason Van Doren (Walnut Port, PA), 5. 13b-Jonathan Beyer (Chouteau, OK), 6. 9x-Bradley Meyer (N. Little Rock, AR), 7. 64-Chad Boone (Great Bend, KS), 8. 77w-Jim Wall (Madison, AL), 9. 28a-Zach Alley (Claremore, OK).
Seventh Heat (10 Laps):  1. 79-Ryan Duke (Claremore, OK), 2. 51b-Joe B. Miller (Millersville, MO), 3. 1z-Bobby Zaiontz (Columbus, MS), 4. 29w-Ryan Wilson (Maytown, PA), 5. 88-Eric Wright (Goodlettsville, TN), 6. 32x-Brad McDaniel (Carbondale, IL), 7. 18T-Tyler Devault (Delran, NJ), 8. 16d-Danny Davidson (Amarillo, TX), 9. 7b-Nick Bailey (Cabot, AR).

Qualifying Races – Top 15 in Combined Points from Heats & Qualifiers to “A” Feature

First Qualifier (12 Laps):  1. 6x-Christopher Meyer (N. Little Rock, AR), 2. 13x-Brian Roseman (Hickory, NC), 3. 16F-Nate Fleming (Great Bend, KS), 4. 7J-Jerrod Wilson (Tulsa, OK), 5. 79-Ryan Duke (Claremore, OK), 6. 47a-Austin Farley (Brighton, CO), 7. 8m-Kade Morton (Coweta, OK), 8. 74-Andy Farley (Brighton, CO), 9. 631-Phil Reed (Sherwood, AR), 10. 70b-Tim Brothers (Little Rock, AR), 11. 55c-Donnie Ray Crawford (Broken Arrow, OK), 12. 28m-Todd McWilliams (Conway, AR). DNS: 3b-Lyndon Bolt (Rapid City, SD), 2T-Luke Thomas (Wyoming, DE).
Second Qualifier (12 Laps):  1. 77T-Todd Carmichael (Mooresville, NC), 2. 42-Tim Crawley (Benton, AR), 3. 4k-Jake Hagopian (Fresno, CA), 4. 9L-Ryan Langston (Greenfield, IN), 5. 70w-Michael Wickham (Ramona, OK), 6. 52-Todd Kirkman (Kokomo, IN), 7. 177-Kyle Cattanach (Mooresville, NC), 8. 9x-Bradley Meyer (N. Little Rock, AR), 9. 28a-Zach Alley (Claremore, OK), 10. 43e-Dewayne Emberton (Clarksville, TN), 11. 3-Cody Coggin (Maud, TX), 12. 10e-Matt Ebarb (Bossier, LA). DNS: 29s-Scott Sawyer (Broken Arrow, OK).
Third Qualifier (12 Laps):  1. 29w-Ryan Wilson (Maytown, PA), 2. 77r-Darien Roberts (Broken Arrow, OK), 3. 60x-Chance Terrel (Oklahoma City, OK), 4. 47v-Jason Von Doren (Walnut Port, PA), 5. 999-Brady Bacon (Broken Arrow, OK), 6. 1z-Bobby Zaiontz (Columbus, MS), 7. 19-Keith McIntyre (Saylorsburg, PA), 8. 99-Dalton Stevens (Scurry, TX), 9. 16d-Danny Davidson (Amarillo, TX), 10. 39-Brian Nance (Mayfield, KY). DNS: 22J-Josh Rehm (Conway, AR), 7b-Nick Bailey (Cabot, AR), 23m-David Manry (Scurry, TX).
Fourth Qualifier (12 Laps):  1. 91-Kevin Bayer (Bixby, OK), 2. 55L-Shane Lewis (Honey Brook, PA), 3. 18m-Jake Murphy (Enola, PA), 4. 80-Michael McNeil (Alvin, TX), 5. 13b-Jonathan Beyer (Chouteau, OK), 6. 43-Matthew Bauldwin (Little Rock, AR), 7. 96s-Samantha Gargus (Memphis, TN), 8. 64-Chad Boone (Great Bend, KS), 9. 1st-Dusty Young (Benton, AR), 10. 88-Eric Wright (Goodlettsville, TN).  DNS: 55x-Samuel LaMothe (Yardville, NJ), 23a-Dean Alexander, 35-Justin Jackson (Benton, AR).
Fifth Qualifier (12 Laps):  1. 83-Karlas Stephens (Benton, AR), 2. 18T-Tyler Devault (Delran, NJ), 3. 10m-Eric Sandage (Cabot, AR), 4. 32n-Nick Ivy (Alexander, AR), 5. 51b-Joe B. Miller (Millersville, MO), 6. 13T-Tyler Courtney (Indianapolis, IN), 7. 32x-Brad McDaniel (Carbondale, IL), 8. 22x-Ryan Smith (Kunkleton, PA), 9. 3z-Brock Zearfoss (Jonestown, PA), 10. 84-Ben Rushing (Clarksville, TN), 11. 77w-Jim Wall (Madison, AL), 12. 78td-Sam Williams (Sugar Hill, GA).  DNS: 28-Jeff Willingham (Ripley, MS).
Pole Dash:
Dash (6 Laps): 1. 2h-Heath Hehnly (Manheim, PA), 2. 23L-Jason Lair (Del City, OK), 3. 6g-Dustin Gates (Haughton, LA), 4. 22T-Travis Senter, Jr. (Osceola, AR), 5. 73-Jake Mosley (Claremore, OK), 6. 44-Michael Dicely (Lewisberry, PA), 7. 5k-Tom Kohler (Leesport, PA), 8. 5x-Tyson Hall (Longview, TX).
Fourth Annual 600 Nationals Championship “A” Main:
A Feature (40 Laps):  1. 23L-Jason Lair (Del City, OK), 2. 6g-Dustin Gates (Haughton, LA), 3. 80-Michael McNeil (Alvin, TX), 4. 18m-Jake Murphy (Enola, PA), 5. 5k-Tyson Hall (Longview, TX), 6. 5k-Tom Kohler (Leesport, PA), 7. 91-Kevin Bayer (Bixby, OK), 8. 2c-Heath Hehnly (Manheim, PA), 9. 55L-Shane Lewis (Honey Brook, PA), 10. 79-Ryan Duke (Claremore, OK), 11. 42-Tim Crawley (Benton, AR), 12. 10m-Eric Sandage (Cabot, AR), 13. 29w-Ryan Wilson (Maytown, PA), 14. 77T-Todd Carmichael (Mooresville, NC), 15. 631-Phil Reed (Sherwood, AR), 16. 19-Keith McIntyre (Saylorsburg, PA), 17. 177-Kyle Cattanach (Mooresville, NC), 18. 44-Michael Dicely (Lewisberry, PA), 19. 6x-Christopher Meyer (N. Little Rock, AR), 20. 47a-Austin Farley (Brighton, CO), 21. 83-Karlas Stephens (Benton, AR), 22. 73-Jake Mosley (Claremore, OK), 23. 22T-Travis Senter, Jr. (Osceola, AR), 24. 77r-Darien Roberts (Broken Arrow, OK).
Note: 631-Phil Reed used a defending I-30 Speedway track champion’s provisional to start the main event.
Third Annual Landers Harley-Davidson Horizon Mini Sprint Nationals:
Locked into Main Event from Friday Preliminary Feature:
08-Logan Martin, 28-Karley Kay Dobson, 5x-Justin Peck, 1x-Nic Jenkins, 15J-Jeremy Middleton, 118-Logan Ellis
Heat Races
First Heat (8 Laps):  1. 7m-Chance Morton, 2. 92F-Nick Counts, 3. 81-Jonathan Warnicke, 4. 9p-Parker Price-Miller, 5. 1-Morgan Montgomery, 6. 71-Kelsey Jenkins, 7. 32-Sawyer Ivy, 8. 83-Alex Sewell.
Second Heat (8 Laps):  1. 89-Blake Jenkins, 2. 17-Harli White, 3. 77-Colton Brewer, 4. 23-Hannah Adair, 5. D6-Dakota Gaines, 6. 37-Austin Smith, 7. 10-Bobby Williams, 8. 50-Trent Montgomery.
Pole Dash (6 Laps): 1. 08-Logan Martin, 2. 28-Karley Kay Dobson, 3. 5x-Justin Peck, 4. 15J-Jeremy Middleton, 5. 1x-Nic Jenkins, 6. 118-Logan Ellis.
“A” Feature (20 Laps): 1. 08-Logan Martin, 2. 28-Karley Kay Dobson, 3. 5x-Justin Peck, 4. 1x-Nic Jenkins, 5. 7m-Chance Morton, 6. 118-Logan Ellis, 7. 89-Blake Jenkins, 8. 17-Harli White, 9. 23-Hannah Adair, 10. 15j-Jeremy Middleton, 11. 10-Bobby Williams, 12. 9p-Parker Price-Miller, 13. 37-Austin Smith, 14. 1-Morgan Montgomery 15. 32-Sawyer Ivy, 16. D6-Dakota Gaines, 17. 81-John Warnicke, 18. 92F-Nick Counts, 19. 83-Alex Sewell, 20. 50-Trent Montgomery, 21. 77-Colton Brewer, 22. 71-Kelsey Jenkins.