Rains Halts 600 Nationals Opening Night Feature

Lonnie Wheatley, LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (March 11, 2010) – Just as the preliminary feature event at I-30 Speedway’s Fourth Annual 600 Nationals presented by Hoosier Tires hit the track on Thursday night, pesky showers forced the postponement of the night’s headliner to Friday night.
Now, race fans will have the opportunity to catch twin Outlaw Micro Sprint Car main events on Friday night for a mere $5 charge.
Friday’s card will now open with the make-up feature from Thursday night, with a full slate of heats, qualifiers and another main event to follow.  Horizon Mini Sprints are also on Friday night’s card.
Sixty-eight competitors from 16 different states throughout the nation took to the track Thursday night for the fourth edition of the 600 Nationals, which was originally scheduled for last September only to fall victim to foul weather.
Andy Farley, Dustin Gates, two-time 600 Nationals champion Travis Senter, Jr., Michael Dicely, Dusty Young, Chris Andrews and Brock Zearfuss each won heat races, with Ryan Langston, Jake Mosley, Chance Terrell, Shane Lewis and Gates winning the qualifying races.
After racing from fifth to win his heat race, Haughton, Louisiana’s Dustin Gates charged from eighth to top his qualifier as well to earn the pole position for the main event.  Manheim, Pennsylvania’s Heath Hehnly will start on Gates’ outside shoulder.
The states of Pennsylvania and Oklahoma are both well represented in the feature that will kick off Friday night’s festivities.  Six of ten Pennsylvania competitors made the feature cut, with Oklahoma landing six in the 22-car main event as well.
The top four finishers from the makeup feature as well as the top four finishers from Friday night’s scheduled main event lock into Saturday night’s $9,000-to-win 600 Nationals championship feature event.
The makeup feature lineup will be as follows:
6g Dustin Gates (Haughton, LA) – 2c Heath Hehnly (Manheim, PA)
22T Travis Senter, Jr. (Osceola, AR) – 70w Michael Wickham (Ramona, OK)
73 Jake Mosley (Claremore, OK) – 44 Michael Dicely (Lewisberry, PA)
5x Tyson Hall (Longview, TX) – 22x Ryan Smith (Kunkletown, PA)
55L Shane Lewis (Honey Brook, PA) – 29s Scott Sawyer (Broken Arrow, OK)
83 Karlas Stephens (Benton, AR) – 8 Chris Andrews (Tulsa, OK)
74 Andy Farley (Brighton, CO) – 9L Ryan Langston (Greenfield, IN)
60x Chance Terrell (Oklahoma City, OK) – 88 Eric Wright (Goodlettsville, TN)
999 Brady Bacon (Broken Arrow, OK) – 42 Tim Crawley (Benton, AR)
2T Luke Thomas (Wyoming, DE) – 52 Todd Kirkman (Kokomo, IN)
3z Brock Zearfuss (Jonestown, PA) – 5k Tom Kohler (Leesport, PA)
Note; Bacon (999), Crawley (42), Thomas (2T) and Kirkman (52) were all sent to the tail for failing to report to the staging area on time, giving up the 12th, 13th, 15th and 18th starting positions.  Zearfuss (3z) and Kohler (5k) both missed the original green flag with engine problems.  However, since the red flag was presented and the race postponed before a lap was completed, both will be able to tag the tail of the field on Friday night.
Friday night’s tentative race order at I-30 Speedway’s Fourth Annual 600 Nationals presented by Hoosier Tires will be as follows:
Outlaw 600 Hot Laps
Outlaw 600 Makeup Feature from Thursday Night
Horizon Mini Sprint Hot Laps
Outlaw 600 Heat Races
Horizon Mini Sprint Heat Races
Outlaw 600 Qualifying Races
Horizon Mini Sprint “A” Main
Outlaw 600 “A” Main
Racing action gets under way at 7:30 p.m.
Fourth Annual 600 Nationals presented by Hoosier Tires Thursday Results:
Heat Races
First Heat (10 Laps):  1. 74-Andy Farley (Brighton, CO), 2. 73-Jake Mosley (Claremore, OK), 3. 999-Brady Bacon (Broken Arrow, OK), 4. 55L-Shane Lewis (Honey Brook, PA), 5. 96s-Samantha Gargus (Memphis, TN), 6. 9L-Ryan Langston (Greenfield, IN), 7. 60x-Chance Terrell (Oklahoma City, OK), 8. 69r-Clayton Robertson (Osceola, AR), 9. 59-Billy Lawhead (Tulsa, OK). DNS: 23a-Dean Alexander (Visalia, CA).
Second Heat (10 Laps):  1. 6g-Dustin Gates (Haughton, LA), 2. 16F-Nate Fleming (Great Bend, KS), 3. 4k-Jake Hagopian (Fresno, CA), 4. 42-Tim Crawley (Benton, AR), 5. 19-Keith McIntyre (Saylorsburg, PA), 6. 64-Chad Boone (Great Bend, KS), 7. 35-Justin Jackson (Benton, AR), 8. 99-Dalton Stevens (Scurry, TX), 9. 79-Ryan Duke (Claremore, OK), 10. 32n-Nick Ivy (Alexander, AR).
Third Heat (10 Laps):  1. 22T-Travis Senter, Jr. (Osceola, AR), 2. 52-Todd Kirkman (Kokomo, IN), 3. 80-Michael McNeil (Alvin, TX), 4. 2T-Luke Thomas (Wyoming, DE), 5. 88-Eric Wright (Goodlettsville, TN), 6. 18m-Jake Murphy (Enola, PA), 7. 28a-Zach Alley (Claremore, OK), 8. 10e-Matt Ebarb (Bossier, LA), 9. 23m-David Mandry (Scurry, TX), 10. 631-Phil Reed (Sherwood, AR).
Fourth Heat (10 Laps):  1. 44-Michael Dicely (Lewisberry, PA), 2. 43-Matthew Baldwin (Little Rock, AR), 3. 70w-Michael Wickham (Ramona, OK), 4. 47v-Jason VanDoren (Walnut Port, PA), 5. 32x-Brad McDaniel (Carbondale, IL), 6. 28m-Todd McWilliams (Conway, AR), 7. 13x-Brian Roseman (Hickory, NC), 8. 77r-Darien Roberts (Broken Arrow, OK), 9. 51b-Joe B. Miller (Millersville, MO), 10. 77T-Todd Carmichael (Mooresville, NC).
Fifth Heat (10 Laps):  1. 1st-Dusty Young (Benton, AR), 2. 2c-Heath Hehnley (Manheim, PA), 3. 1z-Bobby Zaiontz (Columbus, MS), 4. 83-Karlas Stephens (Benton, AR), 5. 22J-Josh Rehm (Conway, AR), 6. 84-Ben Rushing (Clarksville, TN), 7. 6x-Christopher Meyer (N. Little Rock, AR), 8. 1x-Nic Jenkins (Benton, AR), 9. 91-Kevin Bayer (Bixby, OK), 10. 70b-Tim Brothers (Little Rock, AR).
Sixth Heat (10 Laps):  1. 8-Chris Andrews (Tulsa, OK), 2. 5x-Tyson Hall (Longview, TX), 3. 81F-Frank Flud (Pryor, OK), 4. 10m-Eric Sandage (Cabot, AR), 5. 3b-Lyndon Bolt (Rapid City, SD), 6. 7b-Nick Bailey (Cabot, AR), 7. 29s-Scott Sawyer (Broken Arrow, OK), 8. 5k-Tom Kohler (Leesport, PA). DNS: 47a-Austin Farley (Brighton, CO).
Seventh Heat (10 Laps):  1. 3z-Brock Zearfuss (Jonestown, PA), 2. 7J-Jerrod Wilson (Tulsa, OK), 3. 22x-Ryan Smith (Kunkletown, PA), 4. 16d-Danny Davidson (Amarillo, TX), 5. 9x-Bradley Meyer (N. Little Rock, AR), 6. 43e-Dewayne Emberton (Clarksville, TN), 7. 13T-Tony Courtney (Indianapolis, IN), 8. 29w-Ryan Wilson (Maytown, PA), 9. 177-Kyle Cattanach (Mooresville, NC).

Qualifying Races – Top 22 in Combined Points from Heats & Qualifiers to “A” Feature

First Qualifier (12 Laps):  1. 9L-Ryan Langston (Greenfield, IN), 2. 22x-Ryan Smith (Kunkletown, PA), 3. 2c-Heath Hehnly (Manheim, PA), 4. 83-Karlas Stephens (Benton, AR), 5. 4k-Jake Hagopian (Fresno, CA), 6. 79-Ryan Duke (Claremore, OK), 7. 8-Chris Andrews (Tulsa, OK), 8. 29w-Ryan Wilson (Maytown, PA), 9. 6x-Christopher Meyer (N. Little Rock, AR), 10. 631-Phil Reed (Sherwood, AR), 11. 64-Chad Boone (Great Bend, KS), 12. 18m-Jake Murphy (Enola, PA), 13. 9x-Bradley Meyer (N. Little Rock, AR). DNS: 91-Kevin Bayer (Bixby, OK).
Second Qualifier (12 Laps):  1. 73-Jake Mosley (Claremore, OK), 2. 2T-Luke Thomas (Wyoming, DE), 3. 42-Tim Crawley (Benton, AR), 4. 96s-Samantha Gargus (Memphis, TN), 5. 3z-Brock Zearfuss (Jonestown, PA), 6. 35-Justin Jackson (Benton, AR), 7. 10e-Matt Ebarb (Bossier, LA), 8. 28m-Todd McWilliams (Conway, AR), 9. 23m-David Manry (Scurry, TX), 10. 16d-Danny Davidson (Amarillo, TX), 11. 16F-Nate Fleming (Great Bend, KS), 12. 32n-Nick Ivy (Alexander, AR). DNS: 80-Michael McNeil (Alvin, TX), 23a-Dean Alexander (Visalia, CA).
Third Qualifier (12 Laps):  1. 60x-Chance Terrell (Oklahoma City, OK), 2. 29s-Scott Sawyer (Broken Arrow, OK), 3. 47v-Jason VanDoren (Walnut Port, PA), 4. 5x-Tyson Hall (Longview, TX), 5. 74-Andy Farley (Brighton, CO), 6. 10m-Eric Sandage (Cabot, AR), 7. 81F-Frank Flud (Pryor, OK), 8. 77T-Todd Carmichael (Mooresville, NC), 9. 1z-Bobby Zaiontz (Columbus, MS), 10. 69r-Clayton Robertson (Osceola, AR), 11. 7J-Jerrod Wilson (Tulsa, OK), 12. 99-Dalton Stevens (Scurry, TX). DNS: 7b-Nick Bailey (Cabot, AR), 47a-Austin Farley (Brighton, CO).
Fourth Qualifier (12 Laps):  1. 55L-Shane Lewis (Honey Brook, PA), 2. 44-Michael Dicely (Lewisberry, PA), 3. 88-Eric Wright (Goodlettsville, TN), 4. 70w-Michael Wickham (Ramona, OK), 5. 999-Brady Bacon (Broken Arrow, OK), 6. 77r-Darien Roberts (Broken Arrow, OK), 7. 84-Ben Rushing (Clarksville, TN), 8. 3b-Lyndon Bolt (Rapid City, SD), 9. 43e-Dewayne Emberton (Clarksville, TN), 10. 43-Matthew Baldwin (Little Rock, AR). DNS: 13T-Tony Courtney (Indianapolis, IN), 1x-Nic Jenkins (Bryant, AR), 59-Billy Lawhead (Tulsa, OK).
Fifth Qualifier (12 Laps):  1. 6g-Dustin Gates (Haughton, LA), 2. 22T-Travis Senter, Jr. (Osceola, AR), 3. 5k-Tom Kohler (Leesport, PA), 4. 52-Todd Kirkman (Kokomo, IN), 5. 32x-Brad McDaniel (Carbondale, IL), 6. 13x-Brian Roseman (Hickory, NC), 7. 28a-Zach Alley (Claremore, OK), 8. 1st-Dusty Young (Benton, AR), 9. 22J-Josh Rehm (Conway, AR), 10. 19-Keith McIntyre (Saylorsburg, PA). DNS: 177-Kyle Cattanach (Mooresville, NC), 51b-Joe B. Miller (Millersville, MO), 70b-Tim Brothers (Little Rock, AR).
Fourth Annual 600 Nationals Thursday Preliminary “A” Feature (Top 4 Locked into Saturday’s $9,000-to-win Championship Main Event)
A Feature (25 Laps):  Postponed by Rain to Friday night.